The impact the Ozone has had on our business is unbelievable. We are able to put all rooms into service on the same day when there have been guests that have breached the No Smoking Policy.

The machine is also ideal to ‘freshen’ a room. Our hotel doesn’t have windows that open (fully heated/air conditioned) but the magic of the machine gives the room a new laundry day.

Audrey Neailey, Sleeperz Hotel Newcastle
Ozone Direct have been a supplier to Helen Mcardle Care for some time now and we will continue to use them as a supplier.
They have always met our needs as a supplier and strived to not only supply a premium product in the Pro 5+, but in a prompt and efficient manner. The Pro 5+ has become an integral piece of equipment used in our homes to ensure the high standards we have are achieved in keeping the environment our residents reside in.

We as a company require our suppliers to go the extra mile to ensure all our needs are met, ensuring quality products, servicing and customer care. Ozone Direct achieve this on a daily basis and have a professional team dedicated to solving any issues you might have, and they have never let us down in any area.

I would strongly recommend Ozone Direct to anyone

Neil Lafferty, Helen McArdle Care
I am happy to confirm that we are very pleased with the Pro 5 + Ozone generator as it is a tremendous help for us to neutralise any odours in the room and has drastically reduced smoke smell complaints.
Alexander Henskens, Shaftesbury Hotels London
As an air conditioned hotel with predominantly extended stay guests, each suite has a kitchen with cooking facilities.
We purchased the Premier Ozone Machine to eliminate cooking smells from the suites earlier this year.
The machine has proved very effective and I would recommend trying a demonstration of the machine’s capabilities, we are extremely satisfied with the Premier Ozone machine’s performance.
Sandra Welch, Staybridge Suites
After purchasing the Pro 1 we have dealt with rooms where guests have been smoking although we have a no smoking policy, damp rooms where A/C has been leaking, smells of curry and other food, this machine is fantastic it takes the smell out of the room very quickly which ensures that the guest is not hanging around to check in, I would recommend this machine to all hotels.
We have used the Ozone Neutralizer in our Public toilets and have found that its effect has been exceptional, we operate a very busy bar in a very old building with not the greatest of plumbing, the Ozone neutralizer has given the room a smell of constant freshness’
Craig Morris, Best Western Grand Hotel
Yes, I can confirm that we are pleased with the machine we sourced from ozone direct.

We have not had any issues with Yeast and Mould since then.

I can recommend it and thank you for all your support.

Magdalena Drabble M.Sc, Jersey Dairy
Item received, great service, thank you very much 🙂
Jo Hayton, Premier Clean (Cumbria) Ltd
I would like to tell you how pleased we are with our new PRO 5+ machine.

We offer dog rooms and after one 20 minute session all traces of dog smell have gone.

Our smoking corridor has been changed to non smoking and without the help of the PRO 5+ it would have taken weeks to rid the rooms of the smell of smoke, but we are now completely smoke free. Having said that people sometimes still smoke in the rooms, this will never be a problem to us again thanks to the PRO 5+.

In the past, we have had rooms where people have eaten strong smelling food and even after cleaning thoroughly it can take weeks to get rid of the smell completely, one blast of O Zone and the room smells like fresh laundry.

After any floods, which happen more often in Hotels than people probably imagine, the carpets are often left with a smell of damp. Another problem eliminated by a 20 minute session with the PRO 5+.

One of the chefs was walking down one of the corridors this week and said ‘what a lovely smell down here, it smells like fresh laundry’. When I told her it was our new machine she was really impressed. Although we hadn’t used it in the corridor, the smell had come from one of the rooms which had been ‘O Zoned’.

Thank you for your fabulous product, I don’t know how we ever managed without it.

Christine Mckeown, The Little Haven Hotel