Reducing the spread of Noro Virus with ozone generator

Reducing the spread of Noro Virus...

...with our innovative ozone generators

Reducing the spread of Noro Virus within the Care Sector with Ozone Generators

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We are approaching a time of year when the Norovirus raises its ugly head – often known as the winter vomiting bug it affects many people, especially the elderly. Norovirus is highly contagious, especially in busy and warm environments such as hospitals and nursing homes. It leaves the sufferer feeling extremely unwell and there are many unpleasant side effects.

The Norovirus cannot be spread by breathing in the virus, it must be ingested. This typically happens by a person coming into contact with airborne viral particles. A person would only need to ingest 10-100 viral particles to then become contaminated themselves. If these airborne particles are not directly ingested, they may still affect the non-sufferer by landing on their clothing. They then touch their clothing and afterwards, touch their mouth or nose and ingest the virus that way. The spread of the virus can also be increased due to poor hand washing procedures, as once the virus is on the hands, everything touched afterwards will then become contaminated.

So how can you combat the problem with Ozone Generators?

The most obvious way to combat the virus is to maintain high standards of hygiene, but you are probably already extremely careful. Once you recognise a resident has a virus you could isolate the person but that’s not always easy.

We have an alternative solution to eradicating these viruses which has been tried and tested in many nursing homes up and down the country.

The Norovirus and other pathogens can be contained by exposure to ozone gas which is able to reduce the concentration of infectious FCV by a factor of more than 103, and in some cases beyond detection, from all surfaces, including fabrics. Unoccupied rooms can be treated in a short 20 minute cycle and clothing including staff uniforms can be sanitised using this process.

Nursing Homes using our air purification products report a significant reduction in the outbreak of Norovirus and even when outbreaks occur they say that they can control the contagion much more effectively than before they used our air purification generator.

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