Benchmark Test

EPL unit compared to 50g/hr ceramic plate unit

Benchmark Test – EPL unit compared to 50g/hr ceramic plate unit

For some applications we have been using 50g/hr ceramic plate based ozone units. However, one issue we have found with the ceramic unit is a tail off in ozone production capacity over time, with production reducing close to zero after around 60 minutes of operation.

We believe the main cause of this reduction in productive capacity is heat, with the ceramic plates reaching high temperatures after extended use. This is exacerbated in the summer months by the increase in ambient temperature, significantly impeding production capacity even on short runs.

We commissioned EPL to produce an alternative unit that would be able to better cope with our requirements. The below is a brief outline of our initial testing of the EPL unit, using the ceramic unit as a comparison.

All tests were conducted in the same area, with similar, often identical ambient conditions.

Ozone levels were measured using a UV Ozone Analyser recently calibrated to a NIST traceable reference standard.

Initially, a series of short tests
(5, 10 and 15 minutes of operation) were conducted to compare the short-run ozone production capacity of the EPL unit with a ceramic plate based unit. In each test, it was found that the production capacity of both units was practically identical.

Subsequently, a three-hour test was conducted. As expected, the ozone production of the ceramic plate unit began to tail off, and continued to reduce over time. Conversely, the EPL unit continued to increase the measured ozone levels in the area for the duration of the test.

The temperature of the EPL unit’s DDBD ozone cells was measured periodically during, and directly after the timed test. Recorded temperatures were significantly lower than the previously recorded temperatures of the ceramic plates, with the highest DDBD temperature being just 35.8⁰C.

benchmark-graph of ozone test
We are very satisfied with the results of these initial tests. EPL have manufactured a bespoke product that meets our specific requirements exactly.

Benchmark testing carried out by Mr P.Warburton Bsc (Hons) Director of Ozone-Ultra-Clean Limited